GA 204 – CGK – JOG – 16 July 2013 – Economy

Garuda Indonesia – GA 204 – Jakarta (CGK) to Jogjakarta (JOG)

Flight Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Distance: 282 miles

Aircraft: 737-800

Class: Economy

Preface: I took this flight right after Skytrax announced that Garuda Indonesia won ‘World’s Best Economy Class‘ and ranked 8th overall for ‘World’s Top Airlines‘. Major achievements for an airline that was banned in Europe a few years before. So I was hopeful with my flight even though it was a short ride.


The seat arrangement was 3-3. Each seat has their entertainment system, good start. What’s more, the selection was extensive – tons of feature films from different countries (Indonesia, Korea, India, China (Hong Kong), US, and European), also shorter shows, even music videos.
On top of that, the system has picture in picture (PIP) capability so you can browse the system while watching a movie. Very impressive.


Pardon the blur shot. I flew during the Muslim fasting time (Ramadhan). Thus the Ramadhan themed snack box. Wait, you get complimentary food and drinks for a short domestic flight?! YES, this is not in the US πŸ˜›


Inside the box, you’ll find chicken-filled bread and nata de coco dessert. Pretty neat for a short flight. Though the official duration was 1 hours and 20 minutes, it took about 50 minutes to get to Jogjakarta. In flight, I was able to enjoy a half hour show about Javanese shadow puppet master (dalang wayang) family and regeneration effort.

In conclusion, based only on a very short ride with Garuda Indonesia; encouraging and positive sign of improvement for Indonesia’s flagship airline. Look forward to future ride with them!


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