UA 116 – HKG – EWR – 22 July 2013 – Economy

United Airlines – UA 116 – Hong Kong (HKG) to New York/Newark, NJ (EWR – Liberty)

Flight Time: 15 hours 40 minutes

Distance: 8,060 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200

Class: Economy Plus

I took CX 798 – CGK-HKG before this flight. I did not take any pictures because it was a real overnight flight, left CGK 12.10 am and arrived at HKG 5.50 am. Went straight to sleep in the plane. Anyway, the UA 116 is in the top 8 longest flights; however UA 895 with approximately the same duration did not make the list.

UA 116 Economy Plus - Personal screen

As I learn the ropes of United’s MileagePlus benefits and requirements for upgrade, one thing remains true even for casual traveller: check-in online as soon as possible. As a Premier Silver member (25k miles with UA and or Star Alliance), you get pick to Economy Plus seat 24 hours before flight, while supplies last. This comes in handy for long-haul flights where extra leg room makes a big difference. The personal entertainment system also helps. I ended not taking out my tablet, preloaded with movies, in case of boredom.

UA 116 lunch/first meal

A few hours into the flight, after a pretzel snack and drink session, the first ‘real’ meal is served. Very similar spread with the food from UA 895 I took earlier. The difference here is the main entree; white (with sprinkles of brown/red rice), vegetable and sweet-sour chicken. It was ok. Portion was relatively small.

UA 116 second meal

A couple of hours before landing, the second meal was served. I guess I picked the wrong one. This was noodle wrapped in cabbage. It seemed unappealing when I first opened the carelessly wrapped tin foil. And I as tasted the noodle, I stand corrected. I did not finish the noodle. Luckily, this meal came with the cookie always served on routes from HKG. Other than the cookie, two thumbs down, blah…


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