GA 823 – SIN – CGK – 16 August 2013 – Economy

Garuda Indonesia – GA 823 – Singapore (SIN) to Jakarta (CGK)

Flight Time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Distance: 555 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Class: Economy

GA 823 meal/breakfast

This is what separates American airlines with its international counterparts; in-flight meals (also friendly service and in-flight entertainment, not to mention luggage allowance, anyway…).
This is a less-than-2-hour flight and look at the in-flight meal. First off, real utensils! Oh my… that’s a concept, right American airline industry?
Ok, before the flight takes off, every one gets a small dose of orange juice from concentrate (the thought that counts).
Now, the meal. Bread in plastic and butter, ok. Fruits; 2 cubes of pineapple, melon, and watermelon; healthy. Small dose of water + beverage of your choosing. Main meal: Duck fried rice; pretty nice. Personally, I really like it!.

Garuda Indonesia In-flight Entertainment system

Once again, still in awe of GA’s In-flight entertainment system (IFE). Picture-in-picture feature is great. I can check out the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon’s shenanigans while browsing what next to watch. Cool and keren!


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