GA 825– SIN – CGK – 23 August 2013 – Economy

Garuda Indonesia – GA 825 – Singapore (SIN) to Jakarta (CGK)

Flight Time: 1 hour 55 minutes

Distance: 555 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Class: Economy

GA 825 orange juice welcome drink

Boarding: you can choose newspapers or magazines to read (from Singapore, Indonesia, and International publishers). You also get a welcome drink, a small orange juice (you get this in all GA flights I think, I just have not been taking a picture of it before)

airplane take off Q line at Changi

Singapore Changi Airport is a busy hub. You can see the queue to take off is as long as a night club’s ladies restroom on a friday night. The planes also come in different sizes 😉

GA 825 in flight magazines and headphone

Reading materials at your seat front pocket includes a brochure on investing in Indonesia by BKPM, GA in-flight magazine COLOURS, safety instruction, and airsickness bag. Headsets are already placed in the pocket before passengers board.

GA 825 meal option 1 - beef

I chose the beef and rice option. The sides are as usual; bread and butter, fruits (watermelon, melon, and pineapple); water, and choice of beverage. The rice were more fragrant and not very white. Three pieces of brocolli, healthy, not too mushy, not too hard. The beef with black sauce was nice, just about right consistency. It was actually a pretty decent meal. Also, notice the utensils (next picture)…

GA 825 utensils

Close up more detailed picture of the utensils provided, all NOT plastic! That’s a novel concept for American airlines.

GA 825 meal option 1 - chicken

It was an empty flight so I asked to see the chicken option. I just wanted to see the main entree but the nice flight attendants replenish the whole tray. As you can see, the sides were the same. This time I went for white wine, it was okay. The chicken with gravy was good, so were the green peas, baby corns, and tomato. The mashed potato, which is one of my favorite sides, did not really impress; a bit on the drier side. Oh well, I got seconds and I was stuffed!

GA 825 water

Took this picture just to show you the ingredient (bottom right side) of SUNFRESH Pure Drinking Water is, surprise surprise, water! #YouDontSay

clouds blue beautiful clouds

The sky was clear and blue so I decided to take a few pictures. One of them is actually the background for this blog.

GA 825 wing tip on the air

And I was sitting at a pretty strategic spot up front to snap a nice picture of the blue sky and Garuda Indonesia’s wingtip (winglet). This thing according to a recent Southwest commercial saves a lot of fuel and cost for airlines. Awesome little thing-a-majig.


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