NH 938 – CGK – NRT – 27 August 2013 – Economy

ANA All Nippon Airways – NH 938 – Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo Narita (NRT)

Flight Time: 7 hour 35 minutes

Distance: 3,619 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300

Class: Economy

NH 938 snack

The flights takes off at 9.30 pm so the first thing served was a snack package with crackers, mini Babybel cheese, TimTam wafer, Japanese bottled water, and roast beef slider sandwich with lettuce (it was ok, nothing to write home about, but enough to blog about hehe…). All that came in a nicely packed sealed plastic bag. You can get also your beverage of choice. I asked for whiskey cola and the flight attendant misunderstood, proceeded to give me full cup of whiskey (oh lord!). I asked again for coke to mix it with and she gave me a can of Pepsi. That all helps me to sleep.

NH 938 in-flight entertainment

I might’ve mentioned it before but this is only my second time taking ANA. My perception of JApanese airline was only JAL. It all changed after my first time taking ANA to and from Hawaii before. And this flight affirmed my opinion that ANA is of very high quality airline. Indeed, Skytrax consider them as one of a handful 5-star airlines.
Pictured is their economy class IFE/in-flight entertainment; bigger screen with detachable remote, also plugs to your own gadget (USB and the other thing, what’s that called folks? a little help…). Of course, it came with great entertainment selection but opted to sleep instead.

NH 938 meal/breakfast

Two hours before landing, lights went up again in the cabin and we were served either Western-style breakfast (omelette set) or Japanese-style. As I’ll be lacking Japanese food in Vermont, I went with the latter. Starting with cold soba to wake me up, followed by hot chicken porridge (added salt and pepper for flavor), and some side veggies to complement the meal. It also came with a slice of pineapple and papaya. Closed by Yakult Japanese yogurt drink, Indonesia-produced version. I opted for hot tea to continue my waking up session. Also note that they use real-not-plastic utensils. All round, very healthy meal. If I recall correctly, they gave a small menu card to select the meal from but I did not have a chance to take a picture. Next time!


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