My first Mileage Run

I recently did my first ever mileage run.

So, what is a mileage run?

A mileage run is a trip designed specifically to earn miles or points from an airline frequent flyer program. You may or may not allow yourself enough time to leave the airport and visit the city you’ve stopped in: the main goal is to earn miles.You can also do a mattress run to earn points from a hotel frequent guest program.

Why would someone want to earn miles?

Miles can do two things for you: they can give you elite status with an airline, and they they can allow you to take a trip at a greatly reduced rate. Source

I did it because I want to experience it and also because I’m short of going to the next level of elite status with United Airlines. The route chosen was BTV-EWR-IAH-SFO-IAH-EWR-BTV for a total of 7,070 miles, not including bonus miles. The journey took off from BTV on a Saturday 9.55 am and arrived back in BTV on Sunday 1.15 pm. That’s a total of 27 hours and 20 minutes of travel (17 hours 10 minutes flight time and 10 hours 10 minutes transit time). I recorded most of the meals I have eaten during the trip and here they are.

Steaks & Fries at EWR Terminal C food court

Steaks & Fries at EWR Terminal C food court. HUGE portion. Took home half of the Philly Cheese Steak. $14+

Jamba Juice at IAH Terminal E

I missed Jamba Juice from my Hawaii days so I went for it at IAH. I got Jamba again at EWR on the way back to BTV.

Popeye's Chicken at IAH Terminal C

I had a craving Popeye’s chicken so when I saw it at IAH, I totally went for it. I got chicken tenders along with cajun fries, and it was nice too.

Qtela Tempe and Jamba Juice at EWR Terminal C

I didn’t realize Jamba exist all the way to the East! So I got it again and had it with some Indonesian snack from home called Qtela Tempe. Nice!


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