[This is a guest post] My sister went to Bali (DPS) late September and took photos of her Garuda Indonesia in-flight meals. Here are her impressions.

GA CGK-DPS meal/breakfast

For the CGK-DPS morning flight, there are two breakfast options: fried rice and omelet. I picked the latter. As described, it is an omelet entree with cheese. The egg was almost well done along with standard hash brown, half a tomato, and chicken sausage. The sides include bread and butter, small fruit cuts, and mini mineral bottle Aqua. Also comes with beverage of your choosing.

GA DPS-CGK meal/lunch

For the return DPS-CGK flight, the options are spicy fish or beef, both comes with rice. I picked the former. The entree also comes with scrambled egg. The taste was pretty good, the ‘sambal’ (hot sauce based) was pretty spicy. I am sure it was toned down so more foreigners can enjoy it. The vegetables include longe beans with a sprinkle of mushrooms. It was okay though the long beans were rather hard. Dessert was chocolate cake. Just the right amount of sweetness, taste was not bad. Another side for the meal was fish crackers (kerupuk ikan). Again, it comes with beverage of your choosing.


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