Overnight Transit at Narita International Airport, Tokyo Japan

Between my UA 9661 ORD-NRT (arrives 8.45 pm) & NH 937 NRT-CGK (departs 10 am next day), I have about 14 hours of transit time in Narita. It’d be great if the long transit happens during the day but that was not the case. Narita is NOT a 24-hour airport. The facilities close down around 10-11pm after the last flight clears out. Thus, technically, if you’re transiting overnight, you have to go somewhere else. This is emphasized when you need to get a ‘Shore Pass‘ (more info here) that gets you pass the immigration check. To do so, you need to see an airline agent standing by near the immigration check (do not go to the immigration line just yet). Ask for a shore pass. The agent will then ask if you have a hotel reservation nearby. If not, they will check nearby hotels for openings. Once you get the pass, go the immigration line.

The most affordable hotel near NRT is about $70-80 but why would I want to spend that much for such a short time of stay. I did my due diligence (and here) before my journey and found out about an area in NRT where people can stay overnight (and save $80!).

Narita Airport Meeting Point

Once you clear immigration and custom, proceed to the MEETING POINT (South Wing 1st Floor Arrival Lobby). It should be on your left side if you’re at Terminal 1.

Narita Airport Bus Tickets Counter

The Meeting Point is located right across from the bus tickets counter. There’s a convenience store to the counter’s left and it closes around 10-11 pm.

Narita Airport South Wing Exit S1

The Meeting Point is located near the South Wing Exit S1.

Welcome to Chiba banner. Chiba-kun. Japan. Endless Discovery.

Here’s what you can see near the meeting point for more points of reference.

Narita Airport Meeting Point for overnighters - Vending Machine

My position at the Meeting Point was right across a vending machine. I’m always fascinated by the sophistication of Japanese vending machine. A very convenient way to get cold or hot beverage overnight.

Narita Airport Meeting Point for overnighters - Vending Machine

Closer look at the vending machine selection. All sorts of beverages. It has video to help with purchasing. And this is just one machine, you’ll see many more with different content in the airport.

After walking around and exploring, I picked a spot inside the Meeting Point and confirmed with the people there about it being the overnight transit area. More people started coming in around 10.30 pm. If you hang out at other areas, police officers will ask/escort you to this specific Meeting Point. By 11 pm, police officers came and check everyone’s passport and boarding pass. They made the rounds twice at that time. The officers then did another round of checking at 1-2 pm. All the while, there would be one or two officers standing by near us. Some people might feel uncomfortable. I felt more safe with their presence. If you need to use the restroom, there’s one open 24 hours near the Meeting Point. I have also read about a 24-hours convenience store but I did not get to it this time.

At around 5 am, people started leaving the Meeting Point. I read that domestic low cost carriers in Japan have earlier departure times. The international terminals (South Wing more for Star Alliance airlines, North Wing for One World airlines) opens at 7.30 am sharp and I want to get in early to explore the lounges and take a shower. I left the Meeting Point around 6.30 am just to explore some more. Some shops started opening, most of them open at 7 am.

Outside of Narita Airport Terminal 1, looking at ANA building

After exploring inside the airport plaza with most shops still closed, I went outside for awhile. It was chilly though not as cold as BTV when I left a day earlier. I saw ANA building across the terminal.

Starbucks Tumblers and Mugs

One of the things I started following as I travel more and more is Starbucks local souvenirs (tumblers and mugs). I got quite excited to see that at this Starbucks in Narita Airport, they have tumblers and mugs from across Japan. If you are a collector, this is quite convenient. I managed to get a few tumblers and a mug before heading to security check.

Narita International Airport Terminal Flight Board

A look at the flights departing that morning from the South Wing.

ANA awarded the highest 5-star ranking

Always a pleasant journey with All Nippon Airways ANA. They deservedly received a 5-star ranking from Skytrax. Only seven airlines are in this category and all are from Asia.

Narita Airport International Terminal South Wing Departures upclose

As I wait in line for the security check to open, I leave you with this close up of the flight board…


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