ANA All Nippon Airways Arrival Lounge #2 at Narita Airport, 28 November 2013

After taking a shower and being underwhelmed by the United Club nearby, I decided to check out ANA Lounge. They have two lounges nearby. I visited the other one previously, see this post for further details. This lounge does not disappoint; good food variety, plenty of varied seatings, amenities, and more. The features are pretty similar to the other ANA lounge at NRT. The only difference is the view. This one has outside view.

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

Morning food spread includes prepacked mini sandwich, salad, and yoghurt.

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

Tried the miso soup. Very oishii!

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

Onigiri, futomaki, and inari sushi. nom nom nom

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

Started my hang out at the lounge with yoghurt, fruit jelly, and orange juice. The Japan Times, complimentary, featured headline about airlines and airplanes. How apt…

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

This is the view I have. ANA – Thai Airways – Singapore Airlines

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

Second round. Soba with cappuccino and a bit of sushi mentioned above.

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

A closer look at my soba dish, filled with veggies. #Healthy

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

I was rather skeptical with the fried noodle, Chinese style. Turned out it was very good! I resisted the temptation to get another round as it was my third round overall πŸ˜›

ANA Arrival Lounge 2

Tokyo Banana – something that Indonesians, especially Jakartans go crazy for. You can make a decent pocket money reselling them in Indonesia. Big market there…


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