UA 9682 – NRT – IAD – 2 December 2013 – Economy

United Airlines – UA 9682 – Tokyo Narita (NRT) to Washington DC Dulles (IAD)

Operated by ANA All Nippon Airways – NH 2

Codeshare with Thai Airways (TG) 6098, US Airways (US) 5151, Singapore Airlines (SQ) 5914

Flight Time: 12 hours 40 minutes

Distance: 6,737 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

Class: Economy

UA 9682 In-flight meal

I think this menu card can explain my photos better than my descriptions. Part of their newly revamped menu “The Connoisseurs – ANA Tasty Delights”. It comes in 4 languages and total calorie info. I chose A for the first meal and B for the second. I have tried option B for the first meal on an earlier flight, please check the review here.

UA 9682 In-flight meal

Boiled baby sardine in steamed rice. Very healthy meal. Though I can’t really make up some of the items here such as the tofu-like in a cup and is it supposed to be eaten with soy sauce or something else?

UA 9682 In-flight meal

Close up of the main entree of boiled baby sardine on steamed rice. There’s a little bit of everything. Japanese bento concept.

UA 9682 In-flight meal

Omelet with sausage and hot vegetables. This is the western choice with a balanced content of veggies, omelet, and sausages. Plus bread and butter. It comes also with cut fruits and yogurt. I feel healthy eating it 🙂
PS: the blurry photo reflects myself just woken up right before breakfast time, about 2 hours before landing at Dulles/IAD.

UA 9682 In-flight meal

Close up of the main breakfast dish of omelet, sausage, and vegetables.


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