GA 426 – CGK – DPS – 23 December 2013 – Economy

Garuda Indonesia – GA 426 – Jakarta (CGK) to Denpasar (DPS)

Flight Time: 2 hour 05 minutes

Distance: 611 miles

Aircraft: Airbus 330-200

Class: Economy

The flight was delayed for about 2-3 hours. It was a pretty pack flight and we had to switch gates while wait. We received bottled water while waited that long. *Thanks

I was tired from my long flights and left behind luggage. I slept before and after the meal was served, and only took this one picture. At least it came out good. Can’t wait to start my Bali Christmas holiday at that time.

GA 426 meal

Afternoon meal. I chose the Indonesian option, chicken with rice cake (lontong). It was okay but knowing that in the US you don’t get any in-flight meal; I was happy. The chili packet from ABC really helped bring the flavor alive. Interesting side of bread and butter to go with the Indonesian option. Another side is cut papaya, pineapple, and lychee. Also on the tray was a small Aqua mineral water and a beverage of your choice.


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