CA 976 – SIN – PEK – 5 January 2014 – Economy

Air China – CA 976 – Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

Flight Time: 5 hours 35 minutes

Distance: 2,793 miles

Aircraft: Airbus A330

Class: Economy (X)

Part two of my Polar Vortex journey was my first trip on Air China. Was bracing myself for lower standard and I got it pretty much right, did not get myself disappointed because of that. The plane ride itself was ok but the transit at PEK was quite something else, see second picture below.


Air China breakfast/lunch meal reminds me of UA’s meal but a little better with sides of more adventurous salad, cut fruits, and the regular bread roll in plastic along with butter. The entree I chose was chicken spaghetti. Flavor was lacking in the chicken, tasted a little uncooked.


It was my first time here and transiting at PEK. I have about 2 hours before my next flight but I barely made it. This is the immigration clearance queue line. ALL counters are open and people are lining up all the way to the back. Transit passengers have to get through those lines to the other side to a separate transit check and get stamped (for transiting). In total, I think I counted 4 times getting screened before getting to my gate. Quite disappointed with PEK as this is supposed to be the main gateway to the largest country in the world.


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