UA 850 – PEK – ORD – 5 January 2014 – Economy

United Airlines – UA 850 – Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Flight Time: 11 hours 35 minutes

Distance: 6,688 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200

Class: Economy (X)

It was a full flight as people heading back home after new year/winter vacation. It was supposed to be the longest leg of my journey back to BTV, oh but Polar Vortex had a different plan for me. Read on…

UA 850 dinner/first meal

The usual side of salad with dressing and bread with butter. Main dish is white rice with braised beef with carrots and broccoli. Dessert was a block of brownie. All came with a beverage of your choice. You have to ask for ‘a can’ of X if you want to get more than just a cup.

UA 850 dinner/first meal

Main dish of braised beef with rice and vegetables. It was pretty decent but portion wise, it’s much smaller than other airline meal for long haul international flight.

UA 850 second meal

The light meal, provided a couple of hours before landing, was a small croissant in plastic wrapper and main dish of noodle (tasteless) and shumai and hakau. The last two things were quite tasty and saved the noodle from being total blah… The second meal also came with Japanese cracker/senbei.

UA Departure/Arrival Screen at ORD.

I learned that my last leg ORD-BTV was cancelled when I took off from CGK to SIN. By the time I arrived at ORD, it was chaotic. UA’s CS line was snaking very long. I finally figured out the Premier Access lane and was able to get help a little faster. I arrived on a Sunday and was told the earliest I could arrive in BTV was Thursday! dang… So I had to stay 3-4 nights in Chicago in frigid -35f with windchill weather, and I was not really prepped for cold weather. I booked a hotel, luckily could still get one. Once I was able to rest, I called UA Premier 1K and checked UA website constantly to find an earlier flight to BTV. I was finally able to get back on Wednesday afternoon. And that’s my polar vortex experience.


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