UA 761 – ORD – SFO – 15 February 2014 – Business

United Airlines – UA 761 – Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Flight Time: 4 hours 6 minutes

Distance: 1,859 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Class: Upgrade to Business/Domestic F (R)

I was supposed to get into SFO the night before but I missed my connection from BTV due to mechanical problems. Because of that UA places me in a hotel overnight ~ more like 6 hours before catching the first flight out to SFO at 7 am the next day. Luckily, I was upgraded to business class for it and was served a pretty healthy breakfast during the flight.

Looking out the window of Burlington International Airport BTV

Looking out the window of Burlington International Airport BTV. Another snowy stormy wintery February weather. Thought was gonna be delayed by weather. Didn’t happen. Delayed by engine problems instead – good in a way, because the airline have to compensate passengers if they miss a connection etc.

UA 761 breakfast meal - business class

A pretty good spread – oh wait, this is business class. It’s a morning flight so you get breakfast food. A choice of cinnamon roll or croissant. I chose the former, all still warm and served o real bowl and with real utensils. What a difference! There’s cereal and milk, you can even get second helpings of cereal. You get a banana along with other fruits; pineapple, grapes, strawberry, and cantaloupe in a bowl. There’s also yogurt in a cup and your choice of beverage. Overall, a pretty healthy meal.


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