SQ 26 – SIN – FRA – JFK – 6-7 May 2014 – Vegetarian economy

[This is a guest post] Final part of a 4-part installment from my friend’s trip from the East Coast  to Jakarta and back. The last leg is SIN to JFK with a transit in FRA. All captions are from my friend. Thank you Sisca for documenting your in-flight meals, organizing them, and captioning them!

SQ 26_SIN-FRA_5.6.14_Breakfast

Long haul = I don’t even know which one is what meal anymore. This was kind of semi-dinner semi-breakfast, I’m guessing. Same grits cake I had on the inbound flight, yet bigger piece(yay!), with roasted veggies. And the fruit cup had lychees.

SQ 26_SIN-FRA_5.6.14_Supper

Sweet potato! Haven’t had it in so long

SQ 26_FRA-JFK_5.7.14_Brunch

SQ 26_FRA-JFK_5.7.14_Brunch

SQ 26_FRA-JFK_5.7.14_Breakfast

SQ 26_FRA-JFK_5.7.14_Breakfast


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