NH 938 – CGK – NRT – 26 February 2014 – Economy

ANA All Nippon Airways – NH 938 – Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo Narita (NRT)

Flight Time: 7 hour 35 minutes

Distance: 3,619 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300

Class: Economy

Third time on the same flight; previous review from December 2013 & from August 2013.

NH 938 - Feb 14 - mood light

As passengers settled into their seats, the plane shows off its mood lighting. Helps set the tone for sleeping on a red-eye overnight flight.

NH 938 - Feb 14 - light meal

In-flight meal service starts with a light meal of small ham sandwich along with crackers, gouda cheese, and Tim Tam chocolate wafer that comes in plastic string bag. There’s also a Toray bottled water. I like the string bag, can be reused later on, mostly for toiletries and liquids when traveling with carry on.

NH 938 - Feb 14 - breakfast meal

Chose the ‘western’ breakfast option with pancakes, sausage, potatoes, slice of red pepper, slice of tomato, and greens. Salad comes with croutons and thousand island dressing. Four slices of fruits: papaya, pineapple, melon, and dragon fruit. There’s also Yakult and Bio Kul plain yogurt. Lastly, a beverage of my choosing; ANA’s Aromatic Kabosu. A good well-rounded breakfast meal.

Narita runway in the morning

Narita Airport runway in the morning with ANA, Swiss Air, United, SAS, Virgin Air, etc parked at the gate.


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