NH 12 – NRT – ORD – 27 February 2014 – Economy

ANA All Nippon Airways – NH 12 – Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Flight Time: 11 hour 7 minutes

Distance: 6,661 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

Class: Economy

Pretty good stuff from a 5-star airline on a long-haul flight. Careful, you might get used to this and not be happy when going back to trans-pacific long hauls with American airlines.

NH12 NRT-ORD menu

The menu explains it better than this caption. Basically two options: option A is Japanese and option B is western for both lunch/dinner – big meal service and refreshment/breakfast – light meal service.

NH12 NRT-ORD menu back side NH11

Here’s the other side of the menu for the return flight NH11 ORD to NRT. It looks familiar too. Tried some of them on different routes.

NH12 NRT-ORD menu

Another angle of NH12 menu. I went with option A – Japanese for both big meal and light meal. yum yum yum!

NH12 NRT-ORD meal

Healthy Japanese seafood dish with sides of miso soup, cold noodle, and tofu I assume along with stuff unidentified.


Close up of main dish: bed of rice, seaweed, abalone (?), fish, chopped crab meat.


Second lighter meal as we get close to ORD; grilled whitefish teriyaki. Good bread roll, cut fruits of apple, kiwi, and orange; also yogurt. Main dish of white rice with vegetables, egg, and fish.

NH12 NRT-ORD omiyage

Omiyage/souvenir/oleh-oleh I got for myself from NRT airport: Pocky Almond Crush, Galbo chocolate chips, Calbee Jagabee, and Pocky Midi matcha green tea. Sugoi!


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