SAS 257 – OSL-BGO; SAS 246 – BGO-OSL; March 2014 – Economy

SAS 257 – Oslo Lufthavn International Airport (OSL) to Bergen-Flesland International Airport (BGO)

SAS 246 – Bergen-Flesland International Airport (BGO) to Oslo Lufthavn International Airport (OSL)

Flight Time: 50 minutes (55 minutes)

Distance: 202 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Class: Economy

I figured I combined these  two as the snack are similar on the same route to and fro. I’m impressed by the quality of domestic airline service and airport in general here in Norway. People are nice and straight forward. I also took the train and found it quite pleasant. Next up, I will review the SAS Lounge at OSL airport with many more pictures compared to this short post.

SAS 257 OSL BGO Snack

A 50-minute short haul flight comes with a healthy snack pack that includes multigrain bread and Calypso Fairtrade Pure Orange Juice. Healthy!

Scandinavian Air

View from inside the plane, looking at a Norwegian Air plane.


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