SAS Scandinavian Lounge at Oslo Lufthavn International Airport, 17 March 2014

Taking advantage of Star Alliance Gold Status, I checked out the SAS Scandinavian Lounge at OSL. The lounge (the furniture) feels very efficient and business like. Many passengers inside looks like on business travel and working on something. There’s a good selection of drinks and food (make-your-own-sandwich bar plus oatmeal – it was around breakfast time still). Here are some of the photos I took.

Scandinavian lounge

A variety of newspapers in different languages.

Scandinavian lounge

Mac computer stations

Scandinavian lounge

Seating area with many power and usb plugs available.

Scandinavian lounge

Sign for FREE WIFI and USB plug/plant vase.

Scandinavian lounge

Seating area.

Scandinavian lounge

Kids corner.

Scandinavian lounge

Soda, beer, wine, and juice selections on tap.

Scandinavian lounge

Coffee machine

Scandinavian lounge

Juices on tap and coffee machine.

Scandinavian lounge

Fresh fruits (bananas and apples).

Scandinavian lounge

Make-your-own-sandwich bar.

Scandinavian lounge

Bread, butter, and butter selection.

scandinavian lounge

Sandwich bar selection: deli meat, cheese, red bell pepper, pickles, cut boiled eggs.


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