UA 39 – OSL – EWR – 17 March 2014 – Economy

UA 39 – Oslo Lufthavn International Airport (OSL) to Newark New Jersey International Airport (EWR)

Flight Time: 8 hour 55 minutes

Distance: 3,697 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Class: Economy

Pretty packed flight. Headed back State-side after a wonderful trip in Bergen and Oslo visiting a close friend from middle school. Boy have we matured 🙂

UA 39 OSL - EWR meal

You can clearly see, my choice of main meal is beef in pepper cognac cream.

UA 39 OSL - EWR meal

The main meal (lunch), beef in pepper cognac sauce cream, looks and taste better than the usual UA meal I have tasted before. The salad is also more fresh though same ingredients and same dressing. There’s also bread and butter, and chocolate chip brownies to close the meal. Pretty decent. Above the average UA economy meal I’ve tasted previously. Perhaps different catering contractor with different source of ingredients makes all the difference…

UA 39 OSL - EWR meal

The second, lighter meal consists of Spuds crushed natural sea salt hand cooked potato chips, sultana and crispies cluster (yum!), and crostini with pesto turkey and Kuhne mustard.

UA 39 OSL - EWR meal

Close up of the turkey crostini. Way better than the usual shrink wrapped and smaller-sized sandwiched normally served in UA international flights.


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