UA 881 – ORD – EWR – 5 April 2014 – Economy

UA 881 – Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)

Flight Time: 12 hour 55 minutes

Distance: 6,367 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400

Class: Economy

As my luck would have it, my initial flight to ORD was cancelled and I had to scramble to get a replacement flight, from a different airline, to get to ORD to make my connection. What a great start to my trip!

UA 881

What?! I’ll be staring at this for more than a dozen hours… And this is ‘Economy Plus’. Great!

UA 881

The standard UA international long-haul ‘full meal’. It’s consistently underdelivers! At least, it is consistent. Yay!

UA 881

After touching a little bit of the ‘fresh’ salad and ‘fresh’ bread, I examined the main entree that looks like a hunk of white rice, some shredded eggs and carrots, plus sauce glazed chicken. But wait…

UA 881

As I tried to mix them all together, I noticed a college flashback of microwaved frozen food. The rice, though the meal around it was warm, was actually still frozen. It’s a new low for UA. I’ve never seen this before. Wow. Just wow. I tried hard to eat and finish the entree but my appetite was gone.

UA 881

The usual mid-flight snack of gelato and mini ham and cheese sandwich, all carefully put inside a plastic bag. As I’ve lost my appetite, I just posed them for this photo and unfortunately could not eat it this time.

UA 881

Before we arrived in NRT, breakfast/mini meal was served. The usual bread, cookie and main entree. At least this one was not frozen.

UA 881

Close up of main entree for mini meal: small beef patty – hiding, cheese omelet, and broccoli frittata. Now this is actually not bad; not bad at all. Just added pepper for some kick for the omelet and beef patty. It was a little bit oily but after that frozen rice nightmare, this was a welcomed sight.



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