UA 78 – NRT – EWR – 13 April 2014 – Economy

UA 78 – Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Flight Time: 12 hour 35 minutes

Distance: 6,788 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200

Class: Economy

UA 78 dinner

UA 78 dinner For dinner: Beef yakiniku main dish (close up – second photo) with salad and Japanese style dressing (ok), along with small bread (ok) and butter, closed with butterscotch brownie (yum). All in all, much better than the UA 881 I took a week earlier, no frozen rice parts for sure.

UA 78 dinner

Can’t really remember but I think vanilla ice cream from Glico was served mid flight.

UA 78 breakfast

Breakfast/light meal served few hours before landing. Small bread roll and butter to start, main dish of omelet, sausage, and hash brown, closed with Bourbon label biscuit.

UA 78 breakfast

Close up of main breakfast dish: omelet, hash brown, and sausage. Pretty good for airline meal. Add pepper and salt to give more kick, especially omelet. It’d be even better with sambal if you happen to carry one bottle/pack around!



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