UA 881 – ORD – NRT – 26 June 2014 – Economy

AirGrindz turns one-year old! Thank you for all the views, likes, and comments so far! Here’s to more airline food review, especially from the economy class. One of the reason I started this blog is because all I see on the interwebs are review first class this, business class that. There’s no review for 90% of the passengers in any given airplanes. Now, I do review a little bit of first class when I got upgraded but not much, most posts will still be from the economy class. Mahalo & cheers!

UA 881 – Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)

Flight Time: 12 hour 55 minutes

Distance: 6,367 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400

Class: Economy

UA 881 meal

Once again, taking UA 881. Once again getting the chicken rice meal. Once again getting the same stuff; salad with balsamic dressing, bread roll & butter, main dish (next photo), and triple chocolate brownie (yum!).

UA 881 meal

Close up of the main dish: chicken with brown sauce, shredded carrots, scrambled eggs, and partly frozen rice (next photo). The chicken tasted a little uncooked. Verdict: eww…

UA 881 meal

Close up of the frozen rice, especially the corner parts are hard, frozen, and still cold; even though the main dish box was hot. Once again, like eating microwaved food; piping hot mostly with pockets of frozen parts. ugh.

UA 881 meal

I did not finish the chicken meal. I anticipated the ordeal (fool me once…) and bought myself a McDonald’s 10 pcs Chicken McNuggets with honey mustard sauce. Yeap, McDonald’s nuggets was better than UA’s chicken dinner meal.

UA 881 meal

The smaller meal (breakfast) as we approached our destination was much better compared to the chicken ordeal. Scrambled eggs, beef patty, and broccoli frittata. Eggs were plain so I added pepper to spice things up. Spoiler: this is also served as breakfast meal for domestic long haul flights but served on ‘real’ plates and utensils with additional sides of cut fruits, etc.

UA 881 meal

Another photo of the breakfast meal.


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