UA 79 – EWR – NRT – December 2015 – BusinessFirst

Happy new year 2016! It’s still January 🙂

UA 79 – New York/Newark International Airport (EWR) to Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)

Flight Time: 14 hours 15 minutes

Distance: 6,902 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200

Class: BusinessFirst

UA 79 BusinessFirst Meal

As usual, menu is given right after we board. Warm nuts are served with drinks to start a multi course meal.

UA 79 BusinessFirst Meal

I chose the Japanese Selection, a menu created and inspired by Chef Yosuke Tanaka of Hiroshima, Japan. Appetizer set pictured here: simmered dish of carrot, daikon radish, spicy konnyaku, lotus root, burdock, shrimp, snow peas, shiitake mushroom, and dashi jelly sauce with a barbecue meatball skewer, pickled vegetables and a side of ankimo, ponzu jelly, leek shirage, leek chive, momiji oroshi, and chrysanthemum petal.

UA 79 BusinessFirst Meal

Green salad with creamy wasabi dressing.

UA 79 BusinessFirst Meal

A main course of grilled bluefish with mizore, grilled small radish, and roasted daikon and roasted daikon radish, vinegared rice with shredded egg, boiled snow peas, and chopped conger and a miso soup with daikon radish and carrot.

UA 79 BusinessFirst Meal

Close up of main course. All seafood.

UA 79 BusinessFirst Meal

Cheese and crackers selections. I was just gunning for the grapes.

UA 79 BusinessFirst Meal

And to close the meal, vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, M&Ms, and Bailey’s.

UA 79 BusinessFirst Meal

Before landing, another meal served: cut fruits of melon, grapes, and pineapples; green sea salad; and curry chicken katsu rice.



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