NH 836 – CGK – NRT – December 2015 – Business

ANA All Nippon Airways – NH 835 – Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) to Soekarno-Hatta Cengkareng International Airport (CGK)

Flight Time: 7 hour 50 minutes

Distance: 3,632 miles

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300

Class: Business

Hooray for upgrades!

ANA 835 business class meal

Amuse/appetizer: Sweet glazed walnuts, smoked fishcake, pork ham and parsley terrine, miso flavored egg yolk with yuzu-flavored miso sauce, two kinds of olive and cheese with herb oil.

ANA 835 business class meal

Top left: Otsukuri/a selection of sashimi; quick seared Mie seven band grouper. Top right: Kobachi/tasty tidbits; marinated Mie arame seaweed and various ingredients in soy based sauce. Middle: Zensai/ a selection of morsel (next photo for more).

ANA 835 business class meal

Zensai/a selection of morsel: simmered jack-knife shrimp in ketchup based sauce, fry simmered spotnape ponyfish in soy based sauce, sushi wrapped in pickled takana greens, simmered Misugi konjac in sansho pepper flavored soy sauce, fried Ise hanpei fishcake.

ANA 835 business class meal

Shusai/main course: simmered Mie yellowtail with grated turnip thick broth (287 kcal). Steamed rice and miso soup. This selection is served with ‘Koshihikari’ rice cultivated in the Iga region of Mie Prefecture.

ANA 835 business class meal

Dessert: Aichi Nishio green tea and soybean milk blanc-manger.


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