QZ362 – SIN – BDO – Nov 2015

[This is a guest post] High school friend & programming extraordinaire, Pascal, recently went on a work trip from his home base of Bandung (airport code BDO) to Singapore (SIN) with low-cost carrier Air Asia. Here’s part 2 of his trip, the return trip

Class: Economy

Flight time: 1H25M

Distance: 998 km

Aircraft: Airbus A320-100/200

Note that in budget airlines like AirAsia, flight ticket does not include free meal. Instead, you can choose and order meal on board or in advance for a cheaper price. For this flight, I ordered Vegetable Pasta. Mineral water is included.

QZ362 - SIN - BDO

After a long culinary adventure in Singapore a healthier option with 210 calories is just nice.

QZ362 - SIN - BDO

Taste was good, not too salty. However, like any other vegetables kept in hot container for a long time, vegetables in this meal are not so fresh anymore.


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